About me

My name is Benjamin Nolan, and I am the Managing Director of Studio Vinari and a part-time composer and enthusiastic cyclist.

I live in a small town near Sitges, Catalonia, as I jokingly said that if David Cameron won a majority in the 2015 UK General Election then I would leave the country, and he did so I did.

I am fluent in Spanish and getting to grips with French, German, and Catalan. I play the piano, though not as well as I used to due to a hand injury I received in 2013, which incidentally is also the reason I no longer drink. :)

I created Conju.Cat to help me learn Spanish and Catalan conjugations, and Word.Toys to help me beat Suzy Dent in Countdown. :D

If you want to get hold of me, you can e-mail me at ben@ben.mu.